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Festival of Vintage 

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Join us with your Classic Vehicle at 

York 25th & 26th April 2020 or Peterborough 26th & 27th April 2020

Our classic vehicles display is a popular part of the Festival of Vintage and we love to have a great display of vehicles from the 1930's-1969 as part of the event. 

If you have an exceptional Classic Vehicle of interest, we would like to hear from you! Entering your vehicle will mean you receive FREE entry to the Festival of Vintage. Choose to display on one day or both.



Please enter your vehicle to be displayed as part of the Festival below-but first; please read the following stipulations:

Entry Qualifying Rules:

1. Your vehicles must arrive by 9:30am and must be on display from 9:30am- 5pm whilst the event is open to the general public. No exceptions-no vehicles movement during event times under any circumstance.

2. Vehicles must be no newer than 1970 to be allowed to be part of the display. Dateline 1930-1969

Entry Terms & Conditions:

1. The driver of any vehicle on the show site must hold a valid licence application to that vehicle. 

2. The driver must have a minimum insurance for the vehicle as requested by the Road Traffic Act and hold all relevant documentation for their exhibit.

3. The vehicle owner as outlined on the entry form; does declare that the exhibit is covered by insurance for Public Liability risks.

4. The vehicle owner has read these conditions and agrees to abide and comply with them as well as following the instructions of the event stewards on the day and agrees to act in a safe and reasonable manner at all times.

5. Entry is not transferable to another vehicle or owner

6. The Festival of Vintage, run by Discover Vintage Ltd accepts no responsibility what so ever for any damage or lost incurred by the Vehicle owner whilst at the York Racecourse or East of England Arena.

Other information:

1. Free Entry is limited to a maximum of 2 persons per vehicle, all other must have a paid advance ticket.

2. Entry passes will be posted 1 week before the event. They will come in the form of a vehicle pass and all exhibitors must be within the vehicle when they arrive at the vehicle entry gate to gain FREE access to the event.

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York 2020

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FOV NORTH-York 2020

Book Your Vehicle

FOV EAST-Peterborough 2020

Space is limited and your entry will be taken first come, first served. Entry includes Free Passes to the Festival.

We welcome Cars, Motorcycles, Motorhomes, Caravans, Cycles and even a Bus or Truck or two subject to available space.